New Vinyasa Yoga Class in Cedar City

New Vinyasa Class in Cedar City, UT

A Unique Class in Cedar City

I have been invited to teach a Vinyasa class at the The Healing Tree in Cedar City, UT.  This fun energetic class is held on Monday’s at 5:30pm.   The class is suitable for all levels including beginners.  

Breath and Movement Flow

Vinyasa yoga uses a mindful flow to help students link breath with movement.  It awakens strength, energy and flexibility!  Each unique class uses asanas (poses) to support a theme such as, “Opening the Heart”, “Activate the Core”, or “Twist and Breath”.  

Challenge Yourself 

Vinyasa is an active form of yoga. The class starts with a gentle warmup focused on settling the mind, tuning into the space, and connecting with the breath.  It then moves to a series of standing poses linked together and typically held for about two to three breaths.  As the class moves to seated and lying poses the length of time each pose is held is lengthened.  During this section the focus turns toward back and core strengthening. The class ends in a relaxing Shavasana or Corpse pose, eliminating tension and allowing the body to absorb the benefits of the class.  

Adding one yoga session to your weekly routine will reap major benefits, keeping you strong, injury free and relaxed.  If you are in the Cedar City area I’d love to see you in class!  



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