5 Green Ideas for the Kitchen

By Kat Rodriguez on February 15, 2014 in Off the Mat

Grocery Sacks

Lately, I’ve been feeling increasingly guilty about what I toss in the trashcan and recycling bin. It just doesn’t feel right to ignore my contribution to the burgeoning landfill or usage of precious resources to recycle waste. According to the Center for Sustainability and Commerce at Duke University, the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day. We have 313 million people in America. This works out to be 1,345,900,000 pounds of garbage tossed away each day! Imagine 112 miles of garbage trucks, bumper to bumper, to help make sense of this number.

Spurred by the ‘little voice’ reminding me of this undeniable issue, I have brainstormed 5 green ideas that will reduce kitchen waste:

Reusable Containers

Take containers to the grocery store to fill from the bulk bins.  Customer Service will weigh the container and the  weight will then be deducted from the price calculation. So many things can be purchased this way; flours, nuts, syrup, honey, spices, tea, dried fruit, cereal, beans, and pasta to name a few.

Bento Bags

Use reusable produce bags. Natural food stores often sell reusable produce bags or they can be found online here. Quitokeeto sells beautiful bento bags for this purpose.

Fresh produce

Buy fresh produce rather than canned or frozen when possible.

fresh baked bread

Cook and bake from scratch. This one can be time consuming but even small efforts in this direction can make a cumulative impact.
Compost bin

Compost waste. The options for composting range from homemade and simple to the more expensive purchased solutions.

Regardless of whether my individual efforts make a dent in the 1.3 billion pounds of trash thrown away each day, I will strive to align my choices with what feels right. I’ve learned over the years that the more I can bring alignment between my feelings and my actions the smoother and happier my life seems to be!


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