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By Kat Rodriguez on December 18, 2013 in blueZelia Inspiration

Deva Premal
The meanings of the words in a Sanskrit mantra are secondary to the sound they make when pronounced, or in the case of Deva Premal, beautifully sung.

“The meaning is secondary. The word table is not the table…With Sanskrit, the word ananda is the sound vibration of bliss. In sound the energy of bliss. We have to say bliss; we have to make it smaller by putting it into an English word. Just the sound; ananda, If we were sensitive enough we’d just feel the entire scope of that energy that’s contained in this sound… It’s working on a cellular level. It’s much deeper than the mind. It’s not a language that you need to understand the meaning of before you use it. It’s a deep universal sound code that connects us all.”  Deva Premal

Deva, and her partner Miten, have been touring together since 1992, offering concerts and chant workshops worldwide.  With 900,000 albums sold to date, their popularity is evident.

As an awareness exercise during my instructor training,  my teacher played music by various artists.  He asked us to identify which chakra the pieces seemed to stimulate.  Most of the choices resonated with the lower three chakras; however, Deva’s chants resonated at a much higher level.  I encourage you to listen to the selection below, feeling where the sounds vibrate in your body.


This duo’s music is an amazing gift to yoga world!



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