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The traditions of yoga were originally passed directly from teacher to student.  A session began with the teacher learning the current mental and physical state of the student and from there determining the appropriate practice for the day.

The private yoga sessions we teach follow this same effective method. The time we spend together will be personalized, providing you the best opportunity to address your goals and work on areas of interest.

Private sessions are a perfect way to gain the most benefits from yoga, whether you are new to yoga, want to lose weight, have injuries, limited mobility, wish to deepen your practice or are simply seeking a more tranquil spa-like experience.  These sessions are held in a beautiful studio serving the North Austin area.  We look forward to discussing how we can help you make lasting positive changes in your life!

blueZelia Yoga founders        Namaste,


        Kat and Adrian Rodriguez,
        Founders and Teachers
        blueZelia Yoga